Germany (Darmstadt) is a youth was driving too fast

Published by: wuzuanqian on 16th Jul 2013 | View all blogs by wuzuanqian
MBT Shoes Darmstadt, Germany (Darmstadt) is a youth was driving too fast, flying in the corner lane rammed into the jungle. Accident, the vehicle hit was "destroyed", but the driver and front passenger passengers miraculously survived. Reports, local time at 2:00 on July 14 or so, 24-year-old driving a BMW car owners M5 (375 horsepower, top speed 230 km) from the city heading for the city, however, as the vehicle speed is too fast, driving out at a bend in the road and crashed into the roadside bushes. According to the police after the MBT Shoes UK inspection, the vehicle when the accident occurred is displayed speedometer 120 km / h. Vehicle in an accident knocked into two, and in the subsequent taxiing become unrecognizable. Surprisingly, however, the driver and co-pilot of the passenger was seriously injured in an accident, though, but luckily survived: 24-year-old driver of the vehicle being left out of the road to the car, which survived; Vice driving female passenger also under the hospital to rescue out of danger. It is reported that after the accident, the police closed the road for nearly two hours. Police said that the accident caused the loss of more than 50,000 euros MBT Shoes Sale. ukoffermbtshoes



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