Unpalatable food most dependent

Published by: wuzuanqian on 6th Sep 2013 | View all blogs by wuzuanqian
Unpalatable food most dependent 1, rough food The reason why rough rough food, because these foods are rich in insoluble fiber, moncler outlet uk such as whole grains, celery stick and cabbage and so on. May be that these dietary fiber, can help prevent constipation, prevent colon cancer, favorable metal ion discharge, help the body detox, lose weight. If you're eating high-fat meals, when to worry about fat, NFL Jerseys Online Shop you can eat these foods, because it is rough food the best time to take effect. 2, sour food Shaguo, hawthorn, pickles and so on. moncler jackets 2013 Their acidity is citric acid, malic acid and other organic acids caused by these natural acid can promote the absorption of minerals, such as iron. The same species of fruit, sour taste in general a higher content of vitamin C, vitamin also more stable and easier to save. From a nutritional aspect, pregnant women eat sour food for pregnant women and fetal development I are good. Sour can stimulate gastric acid secretion, Nnamdi Asomugha Jerseys improve digestive enzyme activity, increases maternal appetite, relieve morning sickness. 3, bitter foods Like lemon peel, tea, dark chocolate, which is rich in a variety of glycosides, #84 Detroit Lions terpenes and polyphenols, and they've let the food become bitter. Such as lemon peel and grapefruit peel of Naringin, tea polyphenols, red wine, chocolate polyphenols, can prevent cancer and heart disease, but also to bring a little bitter food flavor. Among the many foods higher acceptance of bitter foods should be bitter. Bitter gourd with heat refreshing, nourishing Qi, kidney and spleen, nourish liver eyesight. In addition, the vitamin C content of bitter gourd is high, with the prevention of scurvy, mens moncler jackets protecting cell membranes and prevent atherosclerosis, improve stress ability, protect the heart and so on. 相关的主题文章: Unpalatable food most dependent MBT Scarpe Outlet Italia offrono offerte speciali Grapes - the king of antioxidants. MBT Scarpe Outlet Italia offrono offerte speciali Unpalatable food most dependent



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