bubble was concentrated a good point

Published by: wuzuanqian on 28th Aug 2013 | View all blogs by wuzuanqian
bubble was concentrated a good point For lemonade 1: bubble was concentrated a good point? Lemon soaked sure to light, a skin prick a bubble lemon water, Cheap Moncelr Jackets pour 3 to 4 cups. This is not a very strong sour lemonade, without sugar or honey to drink, so lower energy content. Lemon rind must be, must be sliced ​​thin, as part of the skin contains flavonoids higher, more worthy than lemon pulp vesicles, lemon essential oil is mainly in the skin inside, then thinly cut lemon peel aroma components easy bubble out. Lemon peel, including other citrus peel, contain some of the bitter flavonoids, such as hesperidin, Moncler 2013 naringin and the like, but they are also beneficial ingredients. A little touch of bitterness, and acidity with a hot day after drinking more thirst feeling. For lemonade 2: You can not use hot water? Some people say that lemon can not use hot water, fear of loss of vitamin C. In fact, the bubble is not too cold lemon water, or scent bubble out. Because lemon acidity, vitamin C under acidic conditions, good heat resistance, there is no so easy to imagine the loss, bubble lemon slice in the water temperature is above 60 degrees no problem. Moreover, drinking lemonade that point is not just for vitamin C. When the temperature rises, the acidity of the food will be thicker, Moncler Sale UK and therefore would appear to be more sour hot lemonade. To solve this problem is very simple, as long as the lemonade drink a little and let cool on it. Click the picture to the next page >> For lemonade 3: will promote stones? Some people say that lemonade can not eat foods rich in calcium, calcium and citrate are combined into a precipitate, even in the body generate stones, which can be is rumor. Water-soluble calcium citrate, I checked, four water solubility of calcium citrate is 0.02 g / 100 g of water, does not seem high, but it is calcium citrate calcium products produced good material because it does not require Gastric acid can be absorbed by the body to help. In fact, Moncler Coats unlike citric acid as promote kidney stones, on the contrary, citric acid and other organic acids is beneficial food calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc and other mineral absorption, and studies have shown that citric acid kidney stones Prevention is also beneficial, and even the treatment of kidney stones which have been used. For Lemonade 4: stomach can not drink? Some people say that patients with stomach can not drink lemonade, because too acidic can irritate the stomach, gastric acid over more unavailable. But in fact use a lemon to soak a large bottle of water bubble out of lemonade taste is very light, there is no sweet drinks like Coke so sour, that does not cause stomach ulcers. 'm Not drinking pure lemon juice Moncler Jackets (about pH2.5 pure lemon juice, and cola quite). Since a variety of mineral absorption in favor of citric acid, Westerners like to squeeze lemon juice over the fish, meat, eggs, and that can help digestion. For indigestion, in adding a thin one ginger lemonade, dining, drinking, would be beneficial to promote the secretion of digestive juices. Moncler Coats sale Moncler Coats On sale 相关的主题文章: http://www.itresource.co.uk/class/item/18983 http://plazadominicana.com/site/item/3001 http://soldbag.com/item/683 http://californiacarehomes.com/listings/index.php?item/1800 http://venhaja.com.br/blogs/post/62



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