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Published by: zhengqian on 17th Jul 2013 | View all blogs by zhengqian
Air Max When a female friend's belly pregnant with new life, always will be the importance of everyone in the family, and for pregnant women themselves, but also in life should pay more attention. For pregnant women, pregnancy itself when you need adequate supply of child nutrition and adequate nutrition, therefore, nutritional supplements for pregnant women are the most critical. However, during the nutritional supplement,Air Max Shoes when we must pay more attention, can not mess up, so as not to give your body and cause serious harm children, so in the diet of pregnant women should pay more attention to what you can not eat the food away promptly. 1, not high-fat diet Air Max BW If the woman long-term high-fat diet, the daughter is bound to increase the risk of suffering from reproductive system cancer. Long-term eating high-fat foods, will make the large intestine bile acid and neutral cholesterol concentrations increased, while the high-fat diet can increase prolactin synthesis, promote breast cancer, adverse maternal and child health. 2, not high protein diet quality Protein diet during pregnancy can affect pregnant women appetite, increase the burden of the gastrointestinal tract, the human body can produce large amounts of hydrogen sulfide, histamine and other harmful substances,Nike Air Max 90 easily lead to bloating, loss of appetite, dizziness, fatigue and so on. 3, not high-sugar diet High mbt shoes blood sugar group of pregnant women give birth to the possibility of fetal weight is too high, the incidence of fetal malformation, there's an opportunity or need toxemia of pregnancy the number of caesarean section, low blood sugar group of pregnant women were three times, seven times and 2 times. On the other hand, high blood sugar will increase the burden on the kidneys of pregnant women, adverse pregnancy care. 4, not calcium diet Pregnant women blindly calcium diet, Nike Air Max 2012 drink a lot of milk, plus service calcium, vitamin D, etc., detrimental to the fetus. Nutritionists believe that pregnant women calcium overdose, the fetus may have hypercalcemia, after birth, the children will be too early fontanelle closure, wider and prominent jaw, etc., adversely healthy growth and development. During pregnancy, pregnant women proper diet is crucial, not only correct a healthy diet can help pregnant women receive timely nutritional supplement, also allows the birth of the baby's Life of foods containing vitamin C which health. Therefore, pregnant women during pregnancy must be taken to avoid excessive intake of unhealthy food Nike Air Max.



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