Lightening is very important

Published by: zhengqian on 2nd Jul 2013 | View all blogs by zhengqian
Waist: Lightening is very important Air Max Adult women, especially elderly women, vulnerable to leg pain ailments. It can be said that women in his life struggling with low back pain. Women from more than 10 years after menstruation begins, the muscles supporting the spine may be hard to grow, the waist is easy to feel tired. Women often wear high heels, will form a back bending posture, prone to low back pain. After pregnancy, weight gain, poor posture, can lead to back pain. Pelvic ligament laxity after childbirth, can also cause prolonged pain. Women after menopause, osteoporosis, brittle spine, waist bent, can also lead to back pain. Heart: low morbidity than men Now is not the same people the Nike Air Max impression that women are not the incidence of heart disease than men, but the first time a woman's age was suffering from heart disease 10 years later than men, but once contracted, is often fatal. Once his heart discomfort, shortness of breath often, physical fatigue and jaw pain and other symptoms, and usually last a few hours. This situation is more common, especially during menopause, because estrogen reduces a woman this time, the protective function is relatively Nike Online weakened. Breasts: do women want "very" good When brought to the female breast "doing good woman," the happiness, the breast itself was caught in a variety of risk. Breast cancer has overtaken cervical cancer to become the current endanger women's health and life of the first malignancy. The breast is one of the most vulnerable parts women, is also associated with aging women have a close relationship. Will increase the risk of breast cancer abortion; even over Duolei Si and nylon bra can cause lactation disorder. Hair: perm too frequent high-risk Studies have pointed out: if a female hair more than 12 times a year, the probability that she was suffering from lymphoma, never dyed their hair than women is 26% higher. Yale University conducted on the 1300 survey found that women with black hair dye more than 25 years of women, the risk of illness than others doubled. It is reported that contact dermatitis caused by hair dye crowd at about 10 percent. Tips: perm no more than twice a year. Since there is almost no natural hair dye, so experts recommend no more than twice a year chemically treated hair. Hair must be done before a skin test; Do not place more than six months with a hair dye; if you want to pursue fashion, the best choice for local coloring; scalp wound, suffering from chronic diseases, pregnant or become pregnant women are not treated hair Air Max 90 . 相关的主题文章: Lightening is very important mbt shoes



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