Cherry fruit beauty since ancient times

Published by: zhengqian on 14th Jun 2013 | View all blogs by zhengqian
Cherry MBT Shoes Cherry fruit beauty since ancient times, cherry juice can help skin whitening ruddy face, wrinkles clear spot is that many whitening products favorites. Cherry is not only rich in vitamin C, but also extremely rich in iron, is 13 times hawthorn, apple 20 times. In addition to the high iron content, it also contains a balance of cortical secretion, slow down the aging of vitamin A, help activate cells, beautify the skin. Pomegranate Mouthwatering Pomegranate has been shown to have strong antioxidant effect. It contains a substance called ellagic acid composition, can make cells from the environment pollution, UV rays harm, MBT trophoblast cells, slow the aging body. Studies have shown that ellagic acid in radiation than red wine and green tea contains polyphenols more "severe." Carrot Carrot known as "skin food", to moisturize the skin. Carrots are rich in pectin substances, can be combined with mercury, so that the body of harmful ingredients to be discharged, and the skin looks more delicate rosy. It contains -carotene, antioxidant and whitening the skin can prevent Cheap MBT Shoes melanin deposition, and can remove excess skin keratinocytes. It also contains antioxidant vitamins can not be less E. Olives Back in ancient Greece, olive tree is a symbol of life and health, in addition to food as a health food, the more prominent cosmetic effect. From the leaves to the fruit, olive skin body can extract the essence. Olive leaf extract helps skin cells against pollution, UV rays and stress-induced oxidation; while the olive fruit containing the other potent antioxidants - phenolic compounds, which combined MBT Shoes Sale with the olive bitter elements, can provide dual antioxidant repair .



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